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Download the below postman config for easy REST API integration.

Download config
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Download config for REST API Integration

Start building fast, follow the below steps to integrate with your project.

Get Started

Create your SocialInviter account for your domain to get your license key. Once you get your license key, follow the steps given below to complete the integration.

Download & Import Postman Config

Import the environment configuration by uploading the RESTAPI_postman_environment.json.

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Once the environment vaiables are imported then import the collection configuration by uploading the socialinviter_postman_collection.json.

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Pick The Environment

Pick the right environment for the collection.

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Update the License

Next step is to update your license key.

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Start Making API Calls

Now you can start making API calls.

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Configure the services

Once you are done with the integration, next step is to configure the API & Secret keys of the services which you want to use. Goto you account, select the right license and update the configurations here.

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Need code for other languages?

We have sample code available in Javascript, Angular, React,, PHP, Java and more. Please download the sample code by going to our integration page.

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