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Programmatically post content/links/pictures

Post any content including text, images, or link to one or multiple social networks.

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How it works

Simply send a JSON payload of text, image urls and other attributes to our API and we do the rest

  • Post on Behalf of Your Users to Their Social Accounts
  • Reach new audiences and build your brand online using our API
  • Create a Social Media Post with a Few Lines of Code
Works with all major social networks, including
Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and more
  • Post content on LinkedIn
  • Post content on Twitter
  • Post content on Reddit
  • Post content on Pinterest
  • Post content on Tumblr
Publish content on social networks

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Dynamic content publishing on Linkedin
Customize Service Buttons

SocialInviter posts on Behalf of your user's social account programmatically, allowing to aquire new customers with social referrals for your products.

Programmatic post creation
Fully Customizable UI

Customize SocialInviter plugin UI using our built-in easy-to-use online editor. Choose your own button colors, background color & callbacks to match your own need. Design and deploy plugin though our simple online editor, matching your theme without developer resources.

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In-Depth Analytics

Our user engagement analytics & dashboard provides in-depth analytics of the posts, and usage. Our dashboard will help you to identify how your social post reach is working.

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Social media posts API
Programmatic content posting API
Send Events to Data Pipeline

Funnel every user activity to your data analytics platform. Receive your user's touch point events to your unified data pipeline dashboard.

Google Analytics

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Simplify login and signups via REST APIs

Social Post help to increase traffic on your site and expand your customer reach. It enables businesses to quickly build a fan base, which can result in increased brand awareness, better user engagement and higher sales. It also saves development time and reduces development cost.

  • REST APIs that enable you to post social media content
  • Allows support for your own UI, we do not force our design on you.
  • Seamlessly Integrate with your product or platform
Social Media APIs for Posting