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Login using Social Networks

Social Connect is a great service to fetch user's profile informations from social networks. It makes it easy for website and mobile users to easily register and log in to your website using their existing social network profiles. Our service uses the APIs of social networks to pulls all public profile information such as id, displayname, firstname, lastname, email, phone, picture etc.

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Increase user signups on your website by allowing users to logging using their existing social network accounts.

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With a one-click registration and login, Social Connect improves customer acquisition and retention

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One-Click Easy Signup & Login

Social Connect increases registration and reduces the need to enter usernames and passwords, allowing users to authenticate using their social network account. Since the user register's through the social networks, we get the advantages of pulling valid user informations and thus reducing spam accounts, secure signin/signups and eliminates the hazzle of remembering login details.

Simplify login and signups via REST APIs

Social Connect helps user to signing in faster and provides the benefit of having of their social media accounts connected. Social networks are always changing their APIs, we at SocialInviter keeps these APIs up to date, ensuring that our clients and their customers are not affected, this saves your development time and reduces development cost.

  • Simple API to use
  • Supports all popular providers
  • Reduces spam accounts and increases secure signin/signups
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